December 12th – Wine Tasting Brunch with Papa Joe


Sunday, October 3 at 11AM

Taste all 12 varietals of Papa Joe’s wines with five brunch entrees and more wine if you can handle it

Beth and Katie have an amazing brunch planned to go with our 6 California dry reds, 4 dry whites, our own sparkling Yinzer Prosecco (the only Yinzer Prosecco in the world, and our newest addition to our wine list, Tempranillo.

You can enjoy as good of a brunch as you can get anywhere and experience our crazy ass “il capo vinaio” Papa Joe’s diatribe on the origins and characteristics of our wines, some of our own experiences in making wine for 40 years, and a little bit about the decision process concerning the choice of varietals to make and offer you.

Those of you who have known Papa Joe for a while know he was a few bricks short of a load before the senility kicked in. Now that he is a senior citizen, it’s hard to tell what will come out of his mouth. Luckily, his personal censors, Katie and Beth, will be keeping a close eye on him and will exert some degree of control.


– French toast stuffed with mascarpone cream and berries
– Peppers and eggs
– Pancetta
– Sausage risotto
– Penne and meatballs


– Sauvignon Blanc
– Frascati
– Dry Riesling
– Pinot Grigio
– Yinzer Prosecco
– Petite Sirah
– Teroldego
– Barbera
– Vino da Tavola
– Montepulciano
– Tannat
– Tempranillo
– Limoncello

The cost is $75 for the brunch and wine tasting. $75 per person includes a discount price on all of our bottles of wine to go

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